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if you want to get in contact with us, do not hesitate to contact us, we would be happy to meet you.




Paulino Botao

Co-Founder and Operational Manager


I'm an enthusiast in the work and application with bamboo for years. 

As an entrepreneur with a master's degree in the ecological application of bamboo, I specialize in the sustainable use of bamboo. With my knowledge and experience, my passion is to work to explore and promote the benefits of bamboo as a sustainable material for various applications. Starting 101 BAMBUSolution as a company was just the logical next step to manufacture and market sustainable products made from bamboo. In doing so, I make sure that the products are manufactured in an environmentally friendly way that conserves resources. With my commitment to sustainability and environmental protection, I want to help create a more sustainable future.

With my expertise and experience, I am committed to ensuring that sustainability and environmental protection are given high priority in companies and organizations.


Ciden Manuel


As a trainer, project manager and climate change analyst, I have many years of professional experience and a broad knowledge of sustainability, environmental management and climate change. I have worked in various projects and organizations to promote and implement positive changes related to environmental protection and sustainability.

As a trainer, I have conducted numerous trainings and workshops to raise awareness and inform people. As a project manager, I have successfully managed projects from planning to implementation.

As a Climate Change Analyst, I have worked extensively on the impacts of climate change and possible solutions.



Martin Föhr

Co-Founder and CEO

As a landscape architect and project manager, I bring my expertise in landscape design, plant cultivation and project management. I help plan and design the bamboo growing areas and plantations to ensure that the bamboo plants can grow and be harvested in optimal conditions. Furthermore, it is my pleasure to work on the planning and implementation of bamboo application projects to produce innovative and sustainable products that combine ecology and functionality. 


Through my work, I help the company develop sustainable solutions and thus contribute to a more sustainable future.


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