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Whoo we are

you want to get to know us better, want to know who we are


Bamboo is what we doo

for a sustainable Future - overall, bamboo's rapid growth, low environmental impact, renewability, carbon sequestration abilities, and versatility make it an incredibly sustainable resource that can help reduce our impact on the planet.


what we Doo

In the centre of our work is the circle of 1O1

To achieve our goals, we rely on a holistic and sustainable business model. 

The company's various business areas are interlinked and complement each other as an synergistic effect, to create an efficient and successful business strategy.

To enlargen our business and being able to grow more Bamboo.


Nursery and research

In the beginning of everything is a seed,

and knowing which species best suits the site conditions in Mozambique and Europe

more coming soon ..


We do consulting in cultivation of bamboo

in environmentally, cultural and Social-economic context.


As part of our consultancy and research we want to bring people close to the sustainable idea of Bamboo. In a further step we want to start an education and research center to help people locally. 

For this, in cooperation with Weltweit Association we have already started a crowdfunding campaign to build a 'Bamboo Educational and Research center' - ERC in Mozambique.

Bamboo cultivation

The first bamboo plantation in Mozambique has already existed for almost 10 years and is growing. This is mainly what is all about and what we do: we plant bamboo as much as possible, for various purposes and projects 

more coming soon ..

Project development

We plant bamboo as much as possible, for different purposes

when the bamboo stock has grown, different projects can start. Bamboo shall find application as building material, different products like ecological charcoal and last but not least as pure reforestation.

A core task in future steps will be reforestation, on the one hand as a CO2 farm and on the other hand to protect erosion-prone areas (river bank protection).

more coming soon ..


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Planting the first Bamboo

the journey begins



already 3 hectares of planted bamboo

The area is growing 


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